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New Ciders

In the weeks since our first ciders began flowing from glasses and bottles across the county, more perfect fruits have been slain to fill Dopey, Bashful, Wobbly Boy, Thomas, Happy, Grumpy and Doc, (the fermenting tanks), at the Cornwall Cider Co. Our skilled cider makers have once again begun the process of blending, tasting and perfecting to bring you the ...
cornwallciderNew Ciders
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Lyonesse & Apple Slayer

After months of meticulous perfecting at the Cornwall Cider Co in Truro we are pleased to announce our two new precious craft ciders. Apple Slayer a refreshing medium cider named after the dedicated cider makers who created it. A light east drinking cider made with a delicate blend of bittersweet, ‘Dabinett’, cider apples and sweet hand-picked dessert galas just perfect …

cornwallciderLyonesse & Apple Slayer
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Apple Press

Deep in the heart of Truro two dedicated cider makers known locally as the, ‘Apple Slayers’, have been locked away in Cider Towers, at the Cornwall Cider Co. Week after week through wind, rain and even pelting hail, committed to the traditional methods of Cornish craft cider making they tirelessly blended and tasted, on a quest for perfection. Finally on ...
cornwallciderApple Press